Choosing the Right Machine

When choosing the right espresso machine there are many factors to consider:

  • Volume of drinks you anticipate to make each day
  • The space you are working with
  • The power that is required for the machine
  • The water supply needed for a machine
  • The proximity of the machine to a drain

You do not want to have more machine than you need. This not only adds to your expense but can also cause operational problems with your machine. There are many different styles and sizes to fit any environment. Talking with an expert can help narrow the selection and help you to avoid unneeded expenses and down time.

Use the scale below as a guide for making a decision.

0-20 drinks per day – Semi-Commercial (great for home offices)

20-150 drinks per day – 1 Group Commercial (suggested for café, restaurant, or hotel)

150-300 drinks per day – 2 Group (medium volume coffee shop)

300 + drinks per day – 3 Group or Superautomatic (great for high volume coffee shops)